Did you know you can provide energy for yourself, taking care of the planet as well as reducing costs?

That's right! This is possible thanks to the generation of solar energy or co-generation.

What are the advantages of investing in photovoltaic systems or co-generation ones?


Maximun savings in payments (or none at all) to the CFE
Energy autonomy and protection against prices rise
100% tax-deductible project
Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions
Remote monitoring of the produced energy and fault alerts in real time
Over 25 years of service life
Low maintenance cost
Generation of energy GUARANTEED

How can we help you?

In ECOCHOICE we design, execute and manage Energy Generation projects through Distributed Generation(GD) or Isolated Supply.

For this we share all our international experience and adapt it to the realitty of the mexican market.

We take care of all the process stages:

Detailed engineering

Economy analysis

Finance models

Turnkey installation


Invest in sources of renewable energy, reduce your costs and obtain energy autonomy.

These are some of the companies that trust us to generate their own clean, sustainable and profitable energy:

AZOR –Manufacturing and commercialisation of stationery goods

Improvement measures taken:

• Implementation of an energy generation system by means of photovoltaic panels, achieving an installed capacity of 500 kwp.

APSA – Manufacturing of forest-derived products and paper

Improvement measures taken:

Diagnosis development of their original system that was out of order.

Reconditioning of that system, setting up 240kw of total nominal power. We guarantee the energy generated during the first year -under previously defined

Operation and maintenance during the first two years.

Choose a system of solar energy generation and start enjoying the energy, economic and environmental benefits.