On implementing an Energy Saving System you will achieve:

Cut down your energy consumption during peak hours
Save up to 40% in your CFE bill
Prevent energy interruptions
Ensure your production

How can we help you?

In ECOCHOICEwe develop Energy Saving Systems for organizations connected to the CFE network, as well as for infrastructures who are not.

We offer different ways of Energy Storage so that you choose the one that suits your needs:


Peak ShavingLoad Management:

The reserved energy is separated for back-ups and the destined one for savings:

Features and benefits of the “Load Management” system:
  • Enables to save up to 40% of the cfe bill.
  • Reduces the peaks of demand generated when a high capacity equipment is turned on.
  • Enables the batteries to recharge in base time and cover the whole peak hour with that
  • Easy installation and no “behind the meter” permit is required.
  • Can be integrated to renewable energies.
  • It has a monitoring software that provides monthly reports of the energy savings.
  • GUARANTEES the savings in the consumption (kwh) and the demand (capacity and
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Backup of electrical charges:

The energy remains available for saving and backups, without priority.

Back-up of electrical charges:
  • Enables to support total and punctual charges.
  • Avoids energy interruptions and losses in the production processes.